Kite & paddle Surf Center Catalunya is the school of Kite and Paddel that I have started and would like to present to you. The school offers our service those of us who are already fans of this sport, people who are starting to get addicted to it, and all those who are curious and would like to try it and timidly search for a website that will help them make up their mind. I would like to share with you my years of experience in the world of KITEboarding, since I started as an amateur 10 years ago, up to my achievements and professional curriculum in international competitions.

Many hours invested in this sport have become a way of life for me, in my way of thinking and my way of understanding my reality. Through our school I want to turn my passion into yours, show you everything this sport gives me on days when there is more than 10 knots of Garbi (South Westerly wind) in Malgrat de Mar, Levante (Easterly wind) in Cabrera or Tramuntana (Northerly wind) in Leucate. For those of us who are already Kite worshipers this web site will be the reference point in which to share experiences, promote activities, organize events and test the new gear that day by day the professionals of this sector perfect, to achieve more comfort and safety while practicing this sport. For those who are starting this as their hobby, the web will be the continuation of the course experience, and for those who have not yet decided, I am convinced that is what will eventually help them to decide.

With Paddelsurf I discovered that windless days can also be perfect days. This sport combines the sensations of freedom on top of a board "strolling" over the sea, with the buzz that you get when you start to "catch" your first waves.

I am passionate about the sea and the wind, and the only way of channeling such energy and share the many sensations, has been to set up Paddel and Kite school on my local Beach Malgrat de Mar. Here I started to fly my first kite and it is here, where I want to create a community along with committed water sports enthusiasts.

With the vision of positioning ourselves as reference school, we will work with the aim of providing a differential value to this sector, and will do so based on responsibility, professionalism and sportsmanship. We have embarked on a one way journey!

See you on the beach!

Marc Agell.