How to transmit borderline sensations through a website and in so few words? This is a frankly difficult task for any person of instinct, for someone who lives for what they feel and seeking every day more and more powerful emotions to keep moving forward. This is what many of those who practice Kite Surfing think (or don’t think) when they are in the water concentrating indulged in their sport. Kiting is a pure adrenaline rush. Begin practicing it and it may be the beginning of a long trip without return, a new way of understanding life and the sport enjoyed to its maximum expression. The incredible thing about kite surfing is that every day is different. There is no possibility of it becoming routine because nothing is the same on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. All the variables like the wind, the sea and the conditions in which you train change in a matter of hours. You get hooked to the sensations because you know that tomorrow you can learn something new, you know that there is an evolution, and that with effort and dedication you can get there quickly. Freedom, tension, energy… The Kite lets you feel them from the moment of launching from the sand.

With a baptism course you will learn to handle a kite and let yourself be carried away by the sensation of flying, with a few more hours you can get into the water and master deciding the direction which you want to take, and after a little more practice, it will be time to get a board and start navigating the immensity of the sea. Becoming a safer sport, children can also start in the handling of the kite and gradually begin to take their first steps in this sport. Without limits and without obstacles… as much as your want to give it. If you have not had enough with this, you can continue learning in the Club school and train with the veterans of the sport. To all this, you can also add an alternative way to travel and see the world from the beaches and most privileged spots in any of the 5 continents. Brazil, New Zealand, California or Viet Nam are some of the destinations that will allow you to get the most out of our sport.

Undoubtedly kite surfing is one of the fastest growing sports in recent years, and in addition to having already become an Olympic sport for Brazil 2016, has, by the immense possibilities offered, one of the more promising futures in the world of sport.