Balance.. This is the concept that best defines the experience of practicing Paddle Surf. This sport of Hawaiian origin is one of the best balancers of mind – body that exists today. At the same time that exercise is practiced with all the health benefits that entails, it also increases the feeling of full contact with nature and mental well-being.

Physically the advantage of paddle surf is that it facilitates core exercise, , i.e. an exercise in which you are aiming to maintain a specific posture and therefore strengthen muscle without realizing it. Just keeping your balance requires effort, the muscle groups are always working always working and therefore the exercise intensity is very high Isometric training lets you increase muscle mass, strength and accelerate the metabolism with the consequent burning of fat.

Psychologically everyone who tried Paddle surf on more than one occasion coincide that: You experience inner peace while sitting or standing on the board. It doesn’t require more than a paddle and a board to make you feel very light and free, as well as to go at your own pace, at your level and in any of its formats. In a few minutes you are capable standing up on the board and in less than an hour to navigate autonomously. The journey in calm waters will allow you to explore the coast easily and access the more remote and solitary coves, disconnect from the silence if you like with your mp3 player and enjoy the tranquility of a well deserved rest after exercise. If you prefer you can do the same with your family, friends or group because that is another advantage of paddle surf, it has no age or limits for you to enjoy it. The wave format allows you to experience what surfing is like as you start to glide above the sea. There is alsoSUP Fitness, SUP Race… each one gives you many different benefits and they can be practiced in Kite&Paddel Surf Center Catalunya. . Paddle surfing offers varying and diverse sensations in constantly changing conditions. If there are more and more fans of this sport it is probably because it is really worth trying!